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The best of well known  professional  supplement brands based on 44 years of experience in the amino acid, herbal, & vitamin industry & free technical expertise to make them understandable so that many can realize the great contributions to health that amino acids, supplements, & herbs can bring.

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Herbalist & amino acid expert Rolando {Rolo} Gnucci at the Eclectic Institute organic herb farm in Sandy Oregon

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With every purchase at you; our valued customer; have the opportunity to consult our 44 years of technical expertise in the amino acid herbal and supplement industry. Our mission is to make these products understandable so that many can realize the great contributions to health that Amino acids, Supplements, and Herbs can bring.

"For indeed, dear pilgrim, can it not be said that without good health, how are we to achieve any of our intended good works?"



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Herbal suppositories are a special case due to the cocoa butter base which can melt. They are shipped directly from the factory in Oregon & they must be shipped with an ice pack 2 day air in the cold months & 1 day air in the heat of summer therefore free shipping minimum for ground shipping does not apply.

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Quality supplements & supplement expertise at a large discount.

Licensed practitioners & pharmacies are invited to call for professional pricing & technical detailing

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Featured Products For Spring

Eclectic Institute

Fresh freeze-dried Stinging Nettles leaf Hay fever & Allergy relief without the side-effects of most allergy medications!!

Amino Acid & Botanical

500ppm & 1100ppm Colloidal Silver

Eclectic Institute

Lomatium-Osha -Click on Lomatium for Information Page by Ed Alstat, N.D., R.Ph.

Lomatium was among the if not the most powerful anti-viral in the Great Flu Epidemic of 1917.

Min Tong
#39. Rhodiola rosea {Hong Jing Tian} Legendary herb from Tibet used to help increase physical & mental stamina.


ALL-BASIC PLUS - Click on product name for Information Page on ALL-BASIC. A unique blend of 20 highest quality L- crystalline free-form amino acids, & precursors Ornithine alpha Ketoglutarate & Alpha Lipoic Acid.  Excellent as THE foundation for almost any nutritional supplement program.

Amino Acid & Botanical

Horsepower #3 A powerful aphrodisiac. Increases blood levels of Testosterone